Mantar was formed in 2012 by two old friends, drummer Erinç Sakarya and guitarist Hanno Klänhard. The band’s music was influenced by the early works of bands such as Melvings, Darkthrone and Motörhead. The duo released their debut studio album, Death by Burning, in 2014 on the Svart Records. In 2016 band signed to the Nuclear Blast. In same year they released second album, called Ode to the Flame. In the summer of 2018, the third album, The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze, was released. In 2020 band released cover album Grungetown Hooligans II. In April 2022, the band announced their next album, Pain Is Forever and This Is the End, released on 15 July.

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Romain (France only)

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Nuclear Blast

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